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Professional miners embrace safety and health as values, which are critical to mining the many natural resources needed to keep this country strong and growing.

L.C. Richards Recognized as 10,000th Professional Miner

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The Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association (JAHSA) was organized in 1916 to promote health and safety in the mining industry. The Association currently recognizes miners and mine operators for supporting these values. The Association also sponsors the “Professional Miner Program,” which recognizes individual miners who have worked injury free for various periods of time. Through the program, the Association can communicate directly with individual miners using mail and E-mail regarding health and safety matters.

A self-nominating process allows a miner who meets the program criteria to apply for recognition as a “Professional Miner.” A miner agrees to a pledge to serve as a positive role model for other miners, and as a mentor for new miners. After the Association receives the miner’s pledge, a sticker, patch, certificate and other information is mailed to the miner.

For those interested in applying to be a “Professional Miner,” please complete the application form and submit it to the program office.

Who May Apply Miners can apply for one of the three different levels of the Professional Miner Program:

Professional Miner Platinum Level: Miners with No Reportable Injuries over a 5 year period.
Professional Miner Gold Level: Miners with No Reportable Injuries over a 3 year period.
Professional Miner Silver Level: Miners with No Lost Time Injuries over a 3 year period.

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